Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pre-LOVED : Abstract Art Blue Dress

Love the color blue?
Looking for something casual yet pretty?
This is something for you!

(picture credits to Belle's Lane)

Pretty abstract art dress.
Has gorgeous abstract flower prints in blue and white and gray.
Material's cotton.
Babydoll dress.
Stretchable at waist.
Worn for trying purposes; rest assured, still brand new.
Bought for RM50.
Selling it off at RM30.
Labeled as size L, but suits size M too.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pre-LOVED : Braphy LED Lip Gloss

Always out and about AND love looking pretty?
Here's a solution for you girls!
Braphy's LED Lip Gloss with mirror!
Box packaging
Lip gloss in Glitters
Mirror attached to lip gloss
Ingredients list :)

And now, for the magic.
Once pressed on the button shown above,
Walla! It lights up! :D
Assorted colors from the light

Bought it 'cause was attracted to the packaging.
Has expiry date of 30.11.2011.
Selling it due to realisation that I do not need it.
Tested once.
Bought it for RM40.
It's yours at RM30.
For more, go to Braphy's website to check it out.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hear ye'! Hear ye'!
After much discussion between us girls, we have decided to have a pre-loved shop!
Well, like you shopaholics, we do shop madly and later on, find out that the stuff we bought did not match us or does not look good on us.
We would also love to clear our closet, and make room for more clothes. :)
Who knows you will heart them?
All items are in good condition unless stated.
Happy shopping!